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Weather Reporter Surprises Viewers With Accidental Face Filters

You need to see this news report.

Justin Hinton, a news reporter for a local station in North Carolina, did an entire weather report blissfully unaware of the array of filters being projected onto his face. 

A video is doing the rounds of the man telling viewers about the ‘first legitimate snowfall’ of the season, with everything from a wizards hat to a pair of google eyes as accessories. 

It isn’t until after finishing his report that Hinton went back behind the camera and realised something was up.

 He saw a flood of comments from views confused as to what was going on with his ‘weird face’. 

It turns out that he had accidentally switched on the automatic face filters option that Facebook offers before going live and giving his professional report on the local school closures. 

The array of looks that he fashions certainly gives the report a different feel. 

The video goes on to show Justin asking his colleague if he ‘had a weird face’, and say that he was ‘excited to look back’ on the video and see what all the comments were about. 

Thankfully he saw the funny side of the whole thing, later posting on his own social media page about how his ‘bosses, coworkers, friends, PIOs and more called/texted’ him about the ordeal. 

That makes us feel better about laughing so much!

Check out another hilarious, but much more costly, mistake that was caught on video here…

Featured image via Facebook 

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