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Facebook and Instagram Have Gone Down All Over the World

The social media platforms have experienced unusual periods of being down since this afternoon, with Meta leaving their users in the dark.

Image shows a person frustrated with their phone.
The apps unexpectedly crashed, leading users to flock to X to question why. Credit: Shutterstock/fizkes

Users of the Meta social media apps, Facebook and Instagram, have been logged out of their accounts as they both go down.

As of March 5th, at 3:00pm, there have been over 197,000 reports that Facebook has been down. Instagram has around 33,000 for the same period of time, according to Down Detector.

Users are met with a ‘Couldn’t Refresh Feed’ bar across the bottom of their screen on Instagram. Whilst on Facebook, the home screen stays grey, and will not load.

Some users have even been left baffled and confused as both apps have logged them out, and will not let them log back in.

Facebook, Instagram, and Meta Newsroom have also left their users in the dark. None of their pages have uploaded anything on X about being their platforms being down.

Have other social media services, apart from Facebook and Instagram, gone down?

Messaging service WhatsApp also experienced a small spike on the Down Detector. It received just over 600 complaints in the same time frame. Meta also own WhatsApp.

However, it does not seem to be experiencing the same number of difficulties as Facebook and Instagram.

Some users have also reported that the Facebook Messenger app is down.

What was the reaction on X?

Usual users of Facebook and Instagram flocked in droves to X to ask if other users’ Facebook and Instagram apps were down. Other users also used humorous images and gifs to depict users coming over to X as soon as they went down.

Jenna Ellis, close advisor to former President Donald Trump, posted: “Is something wrong with FB and IG?”

Some users were confused as to whether it was the apps or their phone, with one posting: “FB and IG acting up or is it just my phone?”

Even Domino’s Pizza got involved in the commotion, posting: “live scenes at Meta HQ,” alongside a funny gif.

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Matthew McKeown is a student at Ulster University, in his final year of a BA History degree. His interests include current affairs, politics, and international relations.

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