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WATCH: YouTuber Creates EPIC People-Carrying Drone

Shut up and take my money.

WABC/ Google Images

Anyone aspiring to be a superhero might want to get in on this.

Since it is the holiday season, and the thought of someone flying through the air in a red and white fluffy suit is not that far-fetched, it might be fairly normal to see a random guy suspended in mid-air whilst attached to his hovering device. However, this is not the famous Father Christmas we are referring to. What we see here, friends, is Casey Neistat’s human-carrying drone. Neistat, in his YouTube channel dedicated to adventure and technology, has decided to take the world by storm through attempting to – and succeeding in -building the first ever drone that can lift a human being. Take that, Santa.

In all seriousness, this amazing invention is totally unprecedented and remarkable regarding its strength to keep a human being aloft for an extended period of time. This is what a regular drone looks like, in relation to a human being.

Google Images

And this is what a drone capable of carrying a human looks like.

Image result for casey neistat drone
YouTube – Casey Neistat

In all seriousness, Neistat’s invention is totally unprecedented and remarkable regarding its strength to keep not only a human being, but also his snowboard aloft for an extended period of time. This intricate piece of tech guided Neistat through the snowy terrains of Finland in what looks like the best experience EVER.

Parents, you might want to start prepping that wallet for next Christmas.

Fascinated by the thought of what drones will be capable of doing in the future? Check out the drones that will be delivering our pizza in the (hopefully near) future…

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