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WATCH: UFC Fighter Cracks His Head Open After Diving Into Frozen Lake

Luckily, he has a thick skull.

Credit: YouTube/Mini Entertainment

You’ve probably all heard some version of the age-old warning not to jump in icy water, for the danger of freezing to death or slamming into the ice with the force of your entire body weight. Unfortunately, 30-year-old UFC fighter Merab Dvalishvili seemed to have forgotten that sage advice when he dove headfirst into an icy lake, cracking his head open. 

The Georgian mixed martial artist, nicknamed “The Machine,” shared footage of the incident on social media, showing himself colliding with the ice before re-emerging with blood pouring from his head. Looking dazed from the probable concussion, Dvalishili can also be heard whispering what sounds like “I’m so stupid.”

In a caption written on Instagram, Dvalishvili said:

I thought (it was) a great day to train and run in the park. Then I saw a pond which I thought was snow and water. But it turned out to be all ice and tree branches sticking out. As soon as I broke through the ice I felt my skin peeling off. 

But for Dvalishvili, “nothing” was “more painful” than when he had to get his skin back together in the hospital. The thick-skinned UFC fighter reassured his fans that “It’s all good now” and he’s “feeling great.”

For more content about dangerous ice activities, click here to watch a man skating on thin ice using a chainsaw. 

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