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WATCH: Train in NYC Covers Entire Platform of People in Snow!

Choo choo motherf*ckers!

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This train does not give a damn. Entire platform of people covered in a tsunami of snow when the train fails to stop in time. Just what you need to start your morning, huh?

Imagine waking up for work on an already-freezing day. Dreading the day of work you have ahead of you in your dead-end job. Waiting for a train which will be cramped and probably smell pretty questionable. And as if all of this hanging over you isn’t enough, the train then ends up covering you in snow? Personally, I’d just give up, go home and get back into bed.

This all came from a video that went viral, filmed in Rhinecliff, New York. In the video, you can see the train braking as it approaches, but to no avail. As it stops, snow goes flying outwards in both directions. Consequently, hitting anybody who happened to be standing at the platform at the time…unlucky (but funny for us).

The majestic video films everything in slo-mo and while entertaining, you can’t help but feel sorry for these guys. Towards the end when they start to realise their impending doom, they all attempt to step as far away from possible before inevitably becoming absolutely covered in snow. Watch the clip here:

If you think you are having a bad day, think about this and be grateful you weren’t there!

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