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WATCH: This Dad Asked His Son Why He Doesn’t Like Smiling For Photos – The Answer Will Warm Your Heart

Who knew kids could be so wise?


LA-based comedian Kevin Fredericks asked his son why he doesn’t like smiling for photos, and his son’s simple response is hard to argue with. 

So many of us have accepted it as a given that we need to do things we don’t want to in life, that sometimes it takes the entirely new perspective of a child to snap us out of our routines, and deliver a new, yet poignant, perspective. 

I think we all have something we can learn from this. In an age of hyper-curated social media presences, real authenticity is becoming rarer and rarer, and we should value it where we can.

This Tweet was closely followed by a clip of the very same duo discussing their childhood dreams, with Frederick’s son heartily roasting his father’s childhood dreams of becoming an NBA star. 

It just goes to show you that relationships and memories can’t be forced, just like a smile for a photograph. This child has provided us all with some unexpected wisdom we can all afford to carry with us.

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