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WATCH: Six-Year-Old Plays This Guitar Cover Like A Professional

She is more talented than you ever will be.

Miumiu Guitargirl / YouTube

In a recent viral video, a six year old girl can be seen performing an impressive cover of ‘I Wish You Love.’

In the video, she can be seen to be both singing and playing guitar.

Furthermore, the video has racked up over almost two million views in the six months it has been up. The girl’s YouTube channel, Miumiu Guitargirl, is close to three hundred thousand subscribers. Not bad for a six year old!

In addition, other popular songs uploaded to her channel include ‘Fly Me To The Moon,’ which has almost seven million views.

One commenter wrote: ‘Imagine being six and being able to play that amazingly. At 6 all I did was look directly at the sun to see if I would actually go blind.’

A feeling most of us share, watching how incredibly this six-year-old covers iconic songs. For other stories of children who are much more talented than you, why not read about these kids who helped the German police catch a dangerous driver?

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