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WATCH: ‘Scarface’ Is Now Officially A Children’s Play

As good as a Disney movie!

As good as a Disney movie!
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The well-known film is now also a children’s play. With guns, crude language and a few deaths it definitely makes for an amazing family-friendly viewing.

Who could forget Al Pacino’s unforgettable performance as one of the most ruthless gangsters of all time in 1983’s ‘Scarface’? Well now, we get to relive it all in its most pure form. Because in this play, all the actors are children. Obviously, minor alterations were necessary to make this adaptation PG-13. Pop corn replaces cocaine and fudge replaces the obvious swear word. Adorable…

Fortunately for everyone, the video is not from an actual children’s play (phew). Apparently, the children are real actors and the video was directed by the famous music video director Marc Klasfeld. As a father himself, Klasfeld claims that the play aims to raise awareness about violence and the sexualisation of young girls in American culture.

‘Everyday when I wake up with my daughter and I turn on the television for her and we’re constantly guarding her against all these unnecessary sexual [messages] bombarding her … so for us to see the reaction against this, well, that was a little shocking.’

It is certainly true that television exposes children to sex and violence from a very early age. Sadly, far from our Western world, children fall victims of sex and violence every single day. This needs to stop. Leave the kids alone…

This is what ISIS does in front of children…

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