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WATCH: Russia Trumps America On Crazy Apartment Neighbors

Putin must hate his neighbors.

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After spending several years living off-campus in apartments, I thought I had awful neighbors. This Russian guy captures the craziness of his neighbors with a camera. And it’s way worse than drunk sorority girls in the hallways.


Despite my encounters with people peeing off apartment balconies, shattered Svedka bottles, and a gold mine of dog crap, these neighbors are bonkers. Russia is trumping us, again, and now with crazy neighbors. I can only imagine the landlord must be as insane as the rent collector in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Maybe it’s best to just avoid your neighbors entirely.

Russia. Credits: Bing

Hwang from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Credits: Bing Images.

I’m sure Hwang and this Russian landlord are never getting their payments. Especially not from the blackout drunk guy tumbling down the stairs. However the complex does come with a cute old lady. And that’s essential in most American apartments. It’s bizarre how so many nut jobs can fit into one building. But when the rent is cheap and you can only afford 99cent Mac & Cheese then this is the place to live.

Crazy neighbors occupy the globe, but Russia’s latest rapscallions have redefined the classification. Check out this Russian family that lives with a bear. trill

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