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WATCH: Republicans Roast Themselves by Calling Democrats “Sore Losers” in Trevor Noah’s Supercut

Relish this compilation of conservatives mocking Democrats’ 2018 voter fraud claims.

Credit: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah / Youtube

Remember back in 2018 when Republicans criticized Democrats for claiming there had been voter fraud in the post-midterm elections? In case you need to jog your memory, here’s a  recent compilation of conservative Fox News hosts belittling the left for not being to accept the election results – or, perhaps more accurately, “suck it up.”

You can thank Trevor Noah for those glorious clips! He never seems to disappoint, does he?

The most amusing part of the video is when they ask, “What if these were Republicans refusing to concede?”

I think I hear a collective chuckle through my laptop screen. That’s certainly not a hypothetical any longer. 

A recent poll revealed that 70 percent of Republicans believe “the election wasn’t free and fair, 78 percent believed that mail-in voting led to widespread voter fraud and 72 percent believed that ballots were tampered with.” Despite the fact that there is no hard evidence to support their claims, a majority of conservatives seem to have lost faith in the election system.\

In the words of Sean Hannity, “Ramping up election conspiracy theories. You know what? Sounds sore loser-ish.”

Check out what Google found out was on America’s mind the night of the election (or really, just throughout the whole pandemic). Spoiler alert: it involves food and alcohol.

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