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WATCH: Poop Slinging Ape Nails Grandma in the Face

Squidward’s biggest fan.

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I remember thinking Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer was a lamentation to all misfortunate grannies. But this elderly woman deserves extra sympathy… just look at that curved Pinocchio poop nose. It would have just been an ordinary day looking at wild animals in man-made enclosures, but some people had to grin and makes faces. This behavior is interpreted as aggression in apes.

That Ape has quite the throwing arm. She’s finally a beautiful Squidward now, with that dangling sloppy turd. Although it does touch her upper lip, possibly dipping into her mouth. Gross.

Lastly, check out Martin Shkreli getting his dosage of feces to the face. Poop is becoming surprisingly handy nowadays for dealing with jerks.

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