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WATCH: Pit Bulls Practice Saving a Drowning Man

Don’t bully the breed.

Don't bully the breed.

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Even though this guy isn’t really drowning, it’s great practice for these pups. Some people believe these dogs to be inherently vicious which is not the case. A man in Nonthaburi, Thailand pretends to drown to see if his two pits will rescue him. Do they? They most certainly do.

Those are some ruff waters, but that’s not stopping these dogs. These pits can’t tell the difference between a real drowning and a fake drowning but it just goes to show dogs always have your back. Just remember to raise them right.

The same rule applies to people and dogs: if you raise them right then expect the best. Too many people who are unfit to be owners adopt these dogs, neglect them, and then society stereotypes all pit bulls. Don’t bully the breed because they might just save your life one day.

Check out this article on a man returning the favor to his best friend. Unfortunately everything was just in this guy’s head, but dogs everywhere will appreciate the gesture.

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