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WATCH: Man Skates On Thin Ice Propelled By A Chainsaw

Surely this can’t have been a good idea?

Featured image via YOGOMAN / YouTube

In this new video, YouTuber YOGOMAN can be seen using a chainsaw to propel himself, skating, over very thin ice.

He starts the video saying: ‘It’s October 15th, and the ice is just starting to freeze over.’

Not comforting words, for someone about to skate on this ice. Surely, it makes sense to wait until it is fully frozen over? Especially considering a chainsaw is going to appear soon…

The video already has over 300,000 views.

Yet he raises the stakes – as he begins to skate, he says, ‘Woah, you can see it crack.’

This isn’t the only sign of worry; later, he shows a whole section of footage of him skating as the ice splits beneath him. Any second, he could fall in – the viewer is on the edge of their seat.

When he brings the chainsaw out, the sanity of the skater has to be questioned. It’s a remarkable scene, a skater in beautiful scenery, pulled along by a chainsaw.

Hopefully he lives to make the next video.

For more daring tricks, why not try David Blane’s high flying stunt?

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