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WATCH: Man In Dinosaur Costume Teases Huge Alligator!

Jurassic World 2?

Dinosaur vs. Alligator. 

Jason McDonald, a worker at the Colorado Gators Reptile Park, thought that teasing a giant animal with razor-sharp teeth would be a great idea. Oh, and he’s in a dinosaur costume. That’s not what the rest of us do on our lunch breaks at work, but each to their own…

The 35 year old even admitted that the dinosaur costume doesn’t allow you to see much. So, if the Alligator had made a vicious swipe at McDonald, this prank could have ended in disaster.

This video shows quite a few moments where the gator appears incredibly agitated at the supposed dinosaur tormenting him. I have to ask whether we should be annoying animals like this in the first place. If not for safety concerns, then at least for the welfare of the animal.

See what you think by watching the video.


Holy crap indeed. The end of the video appears to have gone past a bit of fun and into the realm of stupidity. Why would you risk getting so close to those teeth!? Especially when holding the gator’s food in your bare hand; one wrong move and… ouch!

Perhaps the guy knows better than us and can trust the animal, but even so, would you take the chance with an untamed alligator?

For an example of even trained animals lashing out, click here!

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