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WATCH: Lazy Police Chase Perp Up a Hill, The Rest Gets Funnier

“Those 8am chases are TUFF.”

Credit: Dallas Texas TV/ Twitter

“Those 8am chases are TUFF.” 

When we think of police chases, we imagine high-paced affairs: officers run at full speed, cop cars block all premises, “Bad Boys” by Inner Circle plays in the background, etc. Sadly, not all police chases are as exciting as seen on TV— at least not in Dallas.  

Last Tuesday, Dallas Texas TV uploaded the “thrilling” clip onto Twitter. The clip captures an anti-climactic police chase taking place at 8am, the time people commonly head to work in the morning. 

In it, a Perp slowly runs away from three officers. He heads up a grassy hill and onto the highway. Meanwhile, the three officers chase after the man with as much fervor as a lazy turtle. Mid chase, the police end up walking, possibly because of the highway’s steep (?) hill. 

In the background, the woman recording the video can be heard speaking: 

“He better stop… he’s gonna run up on the highway and cause an accident.” 

Another person can be heard laughing in the background. 

“Bad Boys, Bad Boys, What You ‘Gonna Do?”

What can ya say? Maybe cop chases aren’t as intense as on our TV screens. 

As of last year, reality policing shows have been finally cancelled. The infamous “Cops” ended its 31 year run on May 11th, 2020, while the show “Live PD” was cancelled after four seasons on May 23rd, 2020. Both cancellations took place following George Floyd’s death. 

After a period of reflection, policing shows have finally fallen out of favor, now Texas legislators are hoping to ban them. On may 13th, legislators introduced a bill making it illegal for law enforcement agencies to allow reality television crews to film officers on duty. 

In an interview with the New York Times, James Talarico, the Democratic state representative who introduced the legislation, had this to say on the matter: 

“Policing is not entertainment… [reality tv] rely on violent encounters between citizens and the police to boost their own ratings.” 

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