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WATCH: Just Two Bros With a Wholesome Weekly High Five Tradition

The wholesome content we all need at the minute.

Photo Credit: Youtube / CBS Sunday Morning
Photo Credit: Youtube / CBS Sunday Morning

Everyone deserves a friend: someone they can depend upon. That is just what Andy and Gabe have, who have gone extra lengths to high five each other once a week for seven years.

Every week, once a week, Andy Gullahorn of Nashville goes for a walk and meets up with his friend, Gabe Scott, to give him a high five. Then walk back home. This friendship ritual has now been going on for seven years.

Picking up the phone is great, but I literally have a friend that will walk through the rain and snow, just to give me a high five. I wish everyone could have that feeling,’ Andy commented.

The Nashville-based musicians first met at a concert in 2000. After realising they no longer spent much time together, seven years ago they created this tradition to ensure they see each other at least every week.

Over all these years, Andy kept a log of each and every high five, including high five number 312. After this, Gabe was hospitalised with severe encephalitis, cause his brain to swell and forget his life.

However, when Andy visited Gabe at the hospital and asked for a high five, the movement was instinctive for Gabe and he remembered the tradition.

The two friends now cherish what started a fun, and even slightly silly tradition, as something meaningful and constant in their lives. Gabe explained: ‘it is so special to have something this consistent in my life that means this much.’

Andy, singer and guitar-player, was even inspired even to write a song about the high-fiving, and its impactful meaning for their special friendship.

Everyone deserve a friend, especially in this unprecedented time. As Andy’s song says: ‘Knowing small things matter is really no small thing at all’.

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