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WATCH: Houston County Inmates Rubbish Escape Attempt

Of course we’ll get away with it. It’s called a garbage can not a garbage cannot!

Photo: Houston Co. Sheriff's Office

Of course we’ll get away with it. It’s called a garbage can not a garbage cannot!

Two inmates incarcerated at the Houston County Jail in Georgia were caught on CCTV as they made off in an audacious escape.

Inmates Shane Joe Saip, 38, and Willie Ames Driver, 24 made their getaway while taking out trash under the watch of a prison supervisor at around 8pm local time on Monday June 4th. While the supervisor wasn’t looking the two men took off on foot and started a two day manhunt to recapture them.

The whole incident, which was hardly an episode of Prison Break was captured by the prison security cameras. Check it out here:

After chucking out the trash the men snuck around the corner of the large hook lift dumpster and whilst out of view of the supervisor they made a run for it. A security camera caught them sprinting across an open prison lawn towards a nearby woodland in their desperate bid for freedom.

Houston County sheriff’s Major Alan Everidge explained what had happened.

“Some of the bags were extra heavy, so they went around to the back of the dumpster instead of throwing them over the top. They took off on foot toward the woods behind the jail. Inmates go out of the jail every day to work. It’s a risk when we have inmate labor. The potential is always there”

Photo: Houston Co. Sheriff’s Office

Photo: Houston Co. Sheriff’s Office


Immediately after Saip and Driver escaped the Houston County sheriff’s office deployed 50 Officers to search and recapture the inmates. During the search officers found the inmates discarded jumpsuits and boots meaning the escapees were running around in their tighty-whities.

After escaping the prison the two men went their separate ways. Driver was recaptured around 10pm Monday evening after he requested to use a local resident’s phone. As the police suspected he was wearing nothing but his socks and pants when he was apprehended.

Following reports from residents of the Olive Place Apartments complex where Saip attempted to break in to several apartments, Saip was found 15 hours later on June 5th hiding in a barn about 3 miles away from the prison.

Both men now face fresh charges on top of their original sentences. Conspiracy to commit a crime and counts of escape. Saip was originally arrested for burglary, possession of firearms and possession of methamphetamine. Driver was arrested for felony identity fraud.

I’m looking forward to the movie! Got anything to say about these idiots? Throw it in the comments. Check this out, a much more impressive escape.

Alcatraz Escapee Sends FBI Letter 50 Years Later


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