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WATCH: Hilarious Finnish Ad is a Supercut of Epic Fails

Alexa, play Bad Day by Daniel Powter! I feel a fail coming on.

Video Credit: Nalle Sjoblad / Vimeo

Presented by the Finnish telecom company Etisalat, this video hits all your funny bones with some relatable content and some good old slapstick.

From obliterating your spectacles by the sheer weight of your juicy keester to being electrocuted by a light fitting, we have all been there, or there adjacent, when it comes to the fails of everyday life.

Hopefully, this puts a slight smile on your face during these times, or at best an exhale of breath from your nostrils as you lay horizontally, burdened by the inability to do anything but wallow in your dread, but, if you are breathing out your nose then you are alive. When things are going wrong that means that you can only be heading towards right, right?

If you want to splurge on videos that may remedy your blues then click here to watch a man carrying a fistful of bees, I only hope he has a license to carry them.

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