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WATCH: This Guy Take On The Most Insane Slip N’ Slide Ever

Meanwhile summer in the desert…

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Beware, this article just may make you want to try something incredibly risky, but insanely fun. Maybe even stupid?

Now when we think of a slip ‘n’ slide, we think of happy summer memories in our back gardens. Or even the cute slip ‘n’ slide they have in the sims 3, they look so happy when they do it. Well, real life just god way more intense. But wait let me set the scene for you, normal sized slip ‘n’ slide, 500 ft drop, guy throws some water on that thing and gets straight into throwing himself down the slide. This is about 10 seconds in.

So you can imagine how much my stomach dropped, when he was just about to slide down THIS 500ft drop.

WITH NO PARACHUTE IN SIGHT. After the initial shock of what looks like these guys attempting suicide, it all goes away and becomes a pretty awesome video. That makes you want to go and do something crazy, like sleep past 10! No, not crazy enough? Okay, I’m gonna go super crazy and make it 10:30. Yeah, how do you like that slip ‘n’ slide guys? beat that.

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