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WATCH: Guy Has Something to Say about the ‘Stop a Douchebag’ Crew

Don’t dare put a sticker on his windscreen!

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Hello, and welcome to 2017. The year when viral YouTube videos just get weirder, and the people in them? Well, they get crazier. 

Don’t believe me? You’ll find exhibit A below.

Now, there is a reason behind this guy going ape on the young boy next to him. And, that reason is the ‘Stop a Douchebag crew’. Don’t know who they are? Neither did I, till this video was brought to my attention. He clearly has something to say about these guys, even if I’m not exactly sure whether he’s mad or happy (you’ll see when you watch the video).

According to their google results they have been causing quite a stir in cities all around the world. Here is their explanation of the movement, straight from their YouTube channel ‘About section’:

“This channel is brought to you by the Russian social movement “Stop a Douchebag” (“СтопХам” in Russian), which opposes traffic rules violations and arrogance on the road. We’ve been in the civilian traffic control for five years now and have filmed and uploaded dozens of videos from our “raids” against traffic and parking violations.”

To be completely honest, I have no idea what is going on in this video. I mean, is this guy angry? Is he just having fun with the youngsters? Anyway, you can be the judge of that and check it out below. All I know is it is HILARIOUS watching this guy go crazy and start biting into beer cans.

See what I mean? This guy is a beast, they should really think about recruiting him for their YouTube channel. No-one. And I mean no-one would mess with this guy if he’s confronting you about how you drive. A sensitive subject as it is, no matter WHERE you are in the world.

Thanks for reading guys, if you have any other stories from this crew we’d love to hear them!

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