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WATCH: Gordon Ramsay Pranks Starbucks Worker At Drive-Thru

The latest meaningless antics of the chef-turned-TikToker.

Featured image credit: YouTube/Entertainment Gramz

Unable to shout at chefs and criticise their food during a pandemic, Gordon Ramsay, like many other people on the internet, has instead turned to TikTok to get attention and views. Recently, he decided to turn this ‘talent’ towards winding up an underpaid, overworked Starbucks employee at a drive-thru.

As he went to pick up a toastie from a Starbucks at a Shell garage after a long drive, Ramsay filmed himself pranking the unwitting server: 

In the TikTok video, Ramsay first asks: “Is that the ham and cheese Jamie Oliver toastie from the Shell garage?” Apparently not knowing that the customer he is serving is an angry celebrity chef, the employee doesn’t understand the joke. 

Ramsay goes on to be as annoying as humanly possible – armed with the arrogance of someone who is paid to scream at chefs on TV – enquiring about the condiments on the sandwich, asking: “Is there any tomato in there?” The employee answers that “it’s got mustard.” The hot-headed chef then asks whether the mustard is “English or French,” to which the employee replies that it’s “American.” Ramsay counters, claiming to be “allergic to American.”

Knowing that these questions would not be enough to gain TikTok clout and satisfy his inflated celebrity chef ego, Ramsay continued, saying: “Do you do takeaways?” Doing his miserable job, the employee replies that “It’s takeaway only,” to which Ramsay asks “What’s ten takeaway from 100?” Clever. 

Although the employee doesn’t reply to Ramsay’s question, he seemingly lets out a quiet chuckle. Perhaps in exasperation.

Ramsay posted the video with the caption: “When I’m driving all day….I need to have some fun PART 1.” Because there’s nothing funnier than harassing a drive-thru worker for the approval of TikTok, using your overblown celebrity status to get away with it.

For more news of celebrities who indulge in the capitalist system for their own advantage, click here to read about Gordon Ramsay attempting to sell a meager English breakfast for £19. 

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