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WATCH: Golfer Attempts to Hit Ball on Frozen Pond…Immediately Regrets it!


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A not-so-smart golfer with a death wish tries to hit his ball not on the ideal green grass covered golf course, but on a frozen pond. It was only ever really going to go one way…

There’s no reason why anyone should give up their hobbies just due to a bit of cold weather in the winter time. Clearly, golf is no exception to this guy. There’s less people around, all you have to do is put on a couple of extra layers, so why not?

On the other hand, whether the decision to play golf on a frozen pond is entirely practical, well, that’s another story. But hey, life’s about taking risks.

Watch the incredibly majestic video here (and I dare you to try not to laugh):

Firstly, the guy misses the golf ball by a mile. He then proceeds to slip over head-first, and fall through the ice. Then we see him submerged in the freezing water and seemingly trapped underneath the ice. Not having a great day, is he?

We are 99% the guy is fine and managed not to die of hypothermia following this video. But damn, that must have been a little bit nippy in there. The slo-mo replay of the whole thing shows us in perfect detail, the extent of this guy’s stupidity, and consequently, the severity of his dramatic downfall.

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