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WATCH: Girl Narrowly Avoids Death After Fair Ride Harness Snaps

Way too close…

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For those of you who dislike thrilling fairground rides, here’s a nice little video to compound your fear and mistrust. Basically, this girl nearly wound up like a ‘Final Destination’ victim after her harness on her ride snapped, almost getting decapitated in the process, and was left hanging on for dear life with her feet. Yes, her feet.

In the words of onlookers: ‘We were at the Foire du Trône which is a big famous party in France with a lot of rides for people. My husband got a ticket for this attraction and we were standing in line when this happened. Two girls went on the ride and one of the girl’s got detached and only remained hanging by her feet thanks to the big boots that she was wearing.’

We could say that the lesson to be learned from this is to avoid all rides, but where’s the fun in that? Exactly. The real lesson is to wear big fuck-off shoes whenever you go on rides, in order to cheat death. Sorted.

It’s not always danger that’s in store on a ride. Sometimes, it’s just plain humiliation.

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