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WATCH: First-Ever 100% Electric Flying Vehicle

The future is here!

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Casey Neistat is one lucky son of a gun. The YouTube personality recently got to take the first-ever ride in an electric flying vehicle.

Neistat – a well-known filmmaker – got to test a prototype of the Kitty Hawk Flyer. The Flyer is not quite a plane. Rather, this futuristic vehicle is 100% electric and powered by eight separate battery-controlled propellers.

While the invention of such a vehicle is astounding enough, you do not even need a pilot’s license to fly the winged vessel! Further, the Flyer is easy to steer and even hovers in place if you release the wheel.

Kitty Hawk at Lake Las Vegas

Image Via

Kitty Hawk, the company behind the state-of-the-art Flyer, aims to reduce traffic with their innovation. Forget schlepping to the grocery store in your boring old mini-van. The Flyer offers more freedom of travel as well as breezy (literally) trips to nearby locations.

While there are currently certain limitations on the Flyer’s altitude abilities and travel distances, the prototype seems to be successful thus far! Stay tuned for more progressions, and hopefully this flying vehicle can soon be yours.

Watch Casey Neistat take his flight below:

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