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WATCH: Disturbing Leaked Footage of ‘Hazing’ in Hofstra Sigma Pi Fraternity

There’ll be worse to come.

There'll be worse to come.

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Hofstra Sigma Pi, a fraternity at Hofstra University, NY, has taken the practice of hazing to a new dehumanising low, with leaked footage showing young men chugging milk in order to vomit blast their fellow initiates. Worse, perhaps, are pictures of guys locked in cages and kneeling in front of swastikas to be covered in hot sauce.

Well, it’s no wonder that lots of B-movie horrors revolve around sororities and fraternities: this shit’s like something out of Abu Ghraib. All I can say is I’m relieved that ‘hazing’ (I won’t lie, I had to ask Google for help there) doesn’t seem to be widespread in the UK.

The university has consequently contacted the police to conduct further investigation – and rightly so. I don’t get it: who wants to join something this badly? Judging by the video, it’s just a brotherhood of meat-headed jocks, not the Jedi Council. I suspect the increasingly brainless and dangerous ‘challenges’ that do the rounds on social media these days have only served to crank up the madness level of hazing. The things people do to fit in…sad, really.

Of course, Hofstra Sigma Pi isn’t the first fraternity to get suspended over hazing.

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