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WATCH: Coronavirus Causes Monkey War in Thailand

Are you team temple monkey or team city monkey?

During these unprecedented times of social distancing, self-isolation and total lockdown, animals are also at risk. Bangkok’s rival tribes of Lopburi monkeys have come to blows over food.

However, the fact is this is directly related to the coronavirus. The two groups of monkeys usually interact rarely with one group reigning over the city and the other inhabiting the Phra Prang Sam Yod temple. Their diet -particularly those at the temple- is largely consisted of bananas and other food thrown to them by tourists.

However, the virus has led to gigantic reductions in tourism. Millions across the world are cancelling or postponing or just not booking. Attractions have been closing due to public health concerns across the globe and airlines have been forced to slash flights. This has all led to the monkeys losing their primary food source, forcing them to go into each other’s territory in search of food.

Take a look at this fight over some dropped yogurt:

The swarms of monkeys have been causing chaos in the city. However, with the crisis forecast to last for months the situation doesn’t seem to be good for the animals. It shows the impact that their reliance on humans causes, which is an effect of urban development taking away natural habitats.

We can only hope the best for these animals and all those around the world suffering the effects of this outbreak. It’s also a timely reminder that something which has predominantly effected humans also has unexpected impacts elsewhere.

To get over the monkeys, check out this idiot.

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