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WATCH: Completely Wasted Dude Goes For Huge Beer Pong Dunk

You can guess how this ended.

Someone crown this boy. 

Beer Pong; the symbol of American Frat parties!

Beer Pong; the game that separates the champions from the loser!

Beer Pong; the game that makes or breaks you!

We freakin’ love you Beer Pong.

Its fair to say a healthy and heated game of Beer Pong can take any party from a 4 to a 10 real quick. But it can also cause some seriously rash and loose drunk decisions. For example, attempting to dunk a ping pong ball from the top floor of your house.

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Picture the scene; you wake up after a wild night out, heads hurts and the room is spinning.

‘What did I get unto last night?’ You think.

Well what you probably didn’t do, is an epic two story dunk attempt during Beer Pong like this guy.


Check out that slowmo.

What a Beer Pong Legend, although probably don’t try that at home.

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