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WATCH: Bruce Lee Takes On His Own Student In Recently Restored Footage

Punches as fast as lighting.

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Bruce Lee was well known by many for being a movie star, a philosopher, and an unreal martial artist. His kung fu abilities are perhaps what he is most renowned for, but there is not much existing footage out there of him in a “real” fight…until now.

While everyone knew of Lee’s physical skills, he rarely exhibited them outside of movies or TV shows. However, a recently restored video finally gives the world a special look at Lee’s fighting away from Hollywood. This is the first record of Lee sparring that has been found outside of his movies.

In the video, Lee is battling one of his students, Ted Wong, who was actually considered one of Lee’s top protégés. Both men are wearing protective garments and facemasks, as it was against rules to fight without them. Lee probably would have fought bare-knuckled, as was characteristic of him, if he had been allowed.

The outcome of the fight is not surprising. No one goes up against the master of kung fu expecting to win anyways. Lee starts out by keeping his distance from his opponent but then moves in at just the right time. With some agility, lighting speed, and strength, Lee proves, once again, just how talented he is.

In some instances, it almost looks like he is even holding back. Going easy on the student maybe? Take a look at the uncovered footage below.

It’s pretty unfortunate there is not more existing footage of Bruce Lee in real fights. As if we needed anymore of an excuse to call him a badass though.

Speaking of badasses, who would you choose to win a fight – Bruce Lee or Chuck Norris? Read more on the two legends here.

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