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WATCH: 14-year-old Boy Becomes the Third Person in the World to Land a Standing Double Backflip on Grass

He can do a standing double backflip, whereas I can barely do a cartwheel.

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Kaleb Cave, a 14-year-old gymnast from Maryland, has become the third, and youngest, person to land a double standing backflip on grass. 

According to Cave, it took him about two years to finally land this challenge. “I started working for this since I was exactly 12,” he said. “The day I turned 12 was my first attempt and I’m so happy to achieve something so hard in the tricking and tumbling community.”

So what makes landing a standing double backflip so difficult? Aside from the obvious fear of ending up wearing a neck brace, there are two factors: jumping high enough and rotating, twice. Sounds simple, however, if not mastered, one is more likely to crash on their head.

It is important to add that this challenge was accomplished by Cave without the help of a small hill, springboard, or by taking a step forward. 

For more amazing tricks, Cave also owns a youtube channel under Kaleb Cave, and an instagram @lub._lub

To those who want to follow Cave’s steps, train, be careful, and see you on the flip side!

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