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VIDEO: Crab vs Enemies

A crab’s daily battle.

Who knew how dangerous a crab’s daily life was? Just to survive these crabs face evil enemies, such as the octopus and the eel, every day!

After watching this video you’ll appreciate the simplicity of grabbing a bacon sandwich and a coffee on your way to work. This poor crab faces such hassle just to grab a bite to eat. Not quite the same as a coffee from Costa, is it?

The intense music makes this crab’s journey seem like a horror film. But, David Attenborough’s calming voice is enough to keep anyone watching. No wonder ‘Blue Planet II’ was the most-watched TV series this year.

Imagine having to risk your life just to find somewhere to eat! There’s no denying that everyone who watches wants to help this timid crab fight off its enemies. Especially because it looks so colourful and innocent.

Most of all, the size of the eel and the blunt teeth seems like something from a nightmare! Those eyes are piercingly intimidating!

Have you ever felt more relieved than when he made it to the feeding grounds and was munching on the seaweed with the rest of the crabs? David Attenborough’s tone when saying “Made it!”  and the triumphant music just sums up how everyone feels when the crab had finished his daily journey.

See also, Killer Crocodile Captures Poor Antelope, for another video about an animal’s fight for survival, with a much less positive outcome. 

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