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VIDEO: Conan O’Brien Takes You On An Authentic & Hilarious Tour Of Israel

The best use of comedy that I’ve ever seen…

Lots of comedians, especially today, tackle issues that are especially hard for us regular folk to talk about and agree on a solution. In a sense, they are heroic for giving us new perspectives on touchy issues, while simultaneously making us die from laughter.

Conan O’Brien took his show to Israel and completely immerse himself in the people, country, and culture. He visited sacred sites, haggled with the merchants, admired handsome Israeli men, and even had coffee in a random stranger’s house. For those of us who know nothing about Israel (either because we’ve never traveled there ourselves or because the media today alters coverage so that it’s all fear-inciting and they don’t give us a clear, unbiased picture anyway), O’Brien gives us an authentic view of the country through his hilarious excursions.

He not only explores the country but also confronts political issues. He uses his platform to give regular people on the street a chance to share their voice with us Americans. Check out how he hilariously interweaves comedy and real life in the following videos:

Now, that’s the best use of comedy I’ve ever seen.

It’s time to travel to North Korea, where there’s reportedly been Widespread Crystal Meth Usage.

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