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Urban Exploring Uncovers Shocking Discovery In Canyons Of Nevada

Quite chilling.

Urban exploring is not an activity for the faint of heart. It usually entails entering abandoned buildings with no idea of what one might find. It is a creepy but adrenaline-rushing endeavor, and it can many times yield fascinating discoveries.

Who knows what went on in the spaces one finds? Urban explorers are detectives of sorts in that they like to solve mysteries and put pieces of puzzles together about deserted places. There is one such group that has become YouTube famous for their exploration videos: “Explore With Us”.

Though these specific videos below are from 8 months ago, they have amassed a huge number of views and are the pair’s top-rated videos. Thinking they were going on a routine expedition in the canyons of Nevada, the group actually came across a finding more chilling than they could have imagined.

They were exploring Fencemaker Canyon, Nevada, which is a beautiful part of the country. Suddenly they came across a dilapidated shack that appeared to have remnants of someone still living there. They found a fridge, clothes, a sleeping bag, and even Playboy magazines. Surely someone was simply using the shack as a place of shelter while they camped, right?

Take a look at the videos below to see the shocking outcome of the explorers’ excursion.

It is sad and unfortunate that Jeff Kirkwood’s demise remains an unknown happenstance. Perhaps a little more investigating and urban exploring will uncover the unknowns about what happened to him. If you are interested in getting in on the action, there is a Facebook account campaigning for a further look into the cause of his death.

Just be wary the next time you peek into an abandoned shelter! You never know what you will be stumbling across…

Check out these guys who explore abandoned mental asylums across the country. Talk about creepy!

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