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Understanding Scottish Slang With Gerard Butler

Watch Hollywood actor Gerard Butler teach some bizarre Scottish slang.

Image via Vanity Fair/YouTube

Although they speak the same language as us, when a Scot is speaking it is nigh on impossible to understand what they are saying.

They grumble in their thick Scottish accents words that you think cannot be English and you’ll occasionally catchwords like ‘wee’ and ‘dinnae’ and scratch your brains to think what could they possibly mean. To help us all understand this crazy lingo, Hollywood actor and proud Scot, Gerard Butler has taken a break out of his busy acting career to teach us some Scottish slang.

The video shows the 300 star going through the most common slang terms that range from some you may be familiar with like ‘trolley’ and ‘rank’ to the completely obscure ones like ‘gaun yersel’ and ‘peely-wally’. By the way ”gaun yersel’ is a sign of encouragement in Scotland according to Butler and ‘peely-weely’ is someone that is pale.

Credit: 20th Century Fox

Butler sums up the slang well in that there is a theme of things that are ‘gross, ugly, drunk and stupid’.

So now if you ever planned on going to Scotland, you might have a faint idea what they’re talking about, compared to no clue before. Just make sure you don’t get too steaming off the bevies or you’ll have no idea.

Watch the video below:

As you’re now a hardened Scot, look what’s happening to the nations favourite drink, Irn-Bru!

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