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Uncle Jim Gets Cheeky Over Backyard Cricket With His Nieces and Nephews in Aunty Donna’s Ripper Aussie Summer

Uncle Jim is serious AF when it comes to backyard cricket.

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Uncle Jim is a cheeky bastard when it comes to playing cricket in the latest webcast series, Aunty Donna’s Ripper Aussie Summer.

He has no idea how to play cricket and when his skills are questioned, he promptly replies with, “Are you trying to fuck me, Thomas?” Afterwards, a youngster in a tuxedo (the police) arrives and busts him for using performance enhancement drugs. Backyard cricket is intense, especially when playing with a bunch of hobbit sized whippersnappers. So maybe that’s why he took the drugs.

If only jury duty had toilet paper curls for wigs. Uncle Jim should of just stuck with the booze instead of bribing kids to inject him with drugs for $15,000. Jim’s response was, “But we were all doing it!” Nice try, Jim. Nice try.

Uncle Jim playing Cricket. Credits: Shock Mansion.

For a guy taking performance enhancing drugs he’s looking pretty rough, but then again, it’s for backyard cricket. This web-series has a Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! vibe to it. Check out last week’s episode and watch Jim drink way too much alcohol and make a song out of it.

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