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WATCH: Television Journalist Freaks Out When Coworker Wears Same Colored Shirt

First world problems!

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It’s not all peaches and cream in journalism nowadays, especially when the orange monster is attacking the press. But in this situation, one lady gets catty about her coworker wearing the same colored shirt. She even said, “The wardrobe girls would be furious downstairs.” Yikes.


Talk about first world problems. It’s a cringe worthy off-air exchange and the journalist on the far right has a fitting facial expression for the stupidity. At least Nine News has a good sense of humor, even if they are ridiculously catty over white shirts. And damn it, Julie you should of just wore the black jacket from the get-go.

Catty News. Credits: Shock Mansion.

Julie Snook from Nine News dons the black jacket.

If you’re into people making a fool of themselves on television, check out this meteorologist who makes an awkward sex joke.

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