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This Man Went Paragliding Without Leaving His Bed

The perfect challenge for the lazy adventurers out there.

Credit: YouTube/ Hasan Kaval

In true Aladdin style, with the carpet substituted for a full-on bed, a man from Turkey has taken to the air whilst still tucked up under his duvet and wearing his eye mask. The renowned daredevil, who is also a qualified pilot, managed to go paragliding without even having to get up. 

Hasan Kaval took off from Yassi Tepe in Turkey, a hill with a height of around 800m (2652 feet) with his entire bed attached to his huge parachute. Oh, and a nightstand with an alarm clock and a lamp. Just in case he forgot to wake up in time for landing. He did eventually land on the tourist hotspot of Cleopatra Beach, which we’re sure led to more than a few confused sunbathers. 

The 29-year-old completed the stunt back in July, and has shared footage of it to his Youtube channel. The video has racked up almost half a million views in just over a week. Kaval shared a short caption under the video: When I was a little kid, I used to fly in my dreams while sleeping on my bed. If you really want something, I think it will definitely happen. 

Credit: YouTube/ Hasan Kaval

Many have been impressed by the video, leaving hilarious comments under it. One person joked that the set up was the next ‘Turkish Airline Business Class’. Another joked that Kaval should have set up a brand deal with IKEA to advertise their goods in the air. 

This is not the first paragliding relating stunt that Hasan has completed. He has also completed a glide whilst sat on a full-sized sofa and watching a TV attached to it. We’re not entirely sure how he got a satellite connection up there. 

Credit: Instagram/ @hasan_kaval

He also took a dining table up with him on a joint feat with a friend of his. They spent some quality time in the air with a cup of coffee and a wholesome board game. 

Credit: Instagram/ @hasan_kaval

Keep up with Kaval on his YouTube channel to make sure you don’t miss his next adventure, we’re sure it will be even crazier than this. 

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