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This Family Guy Scene ‘Predicted’ Vladimir Putin’s Ukraine ‘Strategy’

Who needs tarot cards or psychics?

Credit: Family Guy / Disney

Family Guy fans are freaking out on the internet as apparently the show ‘predicted’ Vladimir Putin’s current strategy towards Ukraine as tensions continue to rise.

It’s become something of a phenomenon; cartoons predicting real-life events. 

From The Simpsons predicting Donald Trump’s presidency to Futurama’s eerily similar Miss Universe mix-up that just happened to take place in 2015, it’s somewhat worrying how scenarios clearly created for laughs have become real-life scandals.

The latest ‘prediction’ taking over Twitter comes to us courtesy of Family Guy.

Hailing from the eighth season of the show, the episode shows Russian President Vladimir Putin action a series of hilarious false starts; from using a crossbow bolt to hang his tie, to using a machine gun to light his cigarette.

There’s a constant feeling of “well which weapon will he actually use to strike and when?” during the series of superfluous actions, and I think that sums up the current unnerving situation we’re faced with in real life.

Just like Brian and Stewie, we’re all gasping at every move currently being made, anticipating the worst but really, really hoping for the best. 

Despite claims of ‘de-escalation’ and expressing no desire for war with Europe, what Putin says doesn’t quite match up to the actions he takes, and numerous leaders have expressed their doubt on the matter.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said that despite Putin’s claims, the situation is “not encouraging” as per the latest intelligence.  

Furthermore, American President Joe Biden has said that a Russian invasion of Ukraine looks incredibly likely, with Russian-backed separatists groups within the country already taking action and allegedly inciting conflict in the Donbas region of Ukraine.

Unfortunately, I don’t think that in real life he’s just ‘Putin us on’, Stewie.

Take a look at the full Family Guy clip below.

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