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Think You Have What It Takes To Sneak Into The Emmys?

This guy managed to with just a $31 suit.

Ever dreamed of going to the Emmys? Well, vlogger Simon Wilson just snuck into the award show for you. Now you can see what all the hype is about.

Wilson is just an average guy from Wales. He has a passion for filmmaking and adventure. As of late, he has made it his mission to sneak into spotlight events without tickets or credentials of any kind.

Wilson has gotten into the Mayweather vs. McGregor fight, he snuck into the MTV EMAs, and most recently, he went to the Emmys.

Upon showing up at events, Wilson never really has a game plan. He simply walks around filming everything with his phone and asks people questions in order to get to the next step of his adventure. It’s actually quite unbelievable how Wilson manages to sneak his way into places. This guy makes it look easy.

The fact that he is able to film the whole affair is even wilder!

Take a look at the video below of Wilson at the Emmy Awards. You won’t believe your eyes:

Of sneaking into the Emmys, Wilson said:

“It wasn’t easy. I’m not going to lie. The place was like Fort Knox, but I wasn’t giving up, that’s for sure. If I can inspire anyone to go out there to do what they want, I’d be really happy as the moral of all my sneaking videos is that anything is achievable.”

Well, Wilson, you sure have awoken the adventurer in all of us.

Watch this guy who sneaks into the Superbowl with just a ladder. Insane!

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