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Snoop Dogg’s New Commercial With SodaStream Could Save Your Holiday Spirits

Snoop Dogg wants you to drop using plastic bottles (like it’s hot) and instead use Soda Stream.

Credit: Soda Stream / Youtube

We all know Snoop Dogg for his fun-loving personality and classic rap jams. He is now taking on a new role in 2020 – he’s saving the planet! His new ad with SodaStream combines humor, current events, and awesome props to promote using the carbonated water mixer instead of plastic bottles.      

Check out the comedic and sustainable video below!

That was incredible! Not only is his performance enjoyable, but he takes on three roles – himself, and his son and daughter! Every piece included in this ad shows a lavish lifestyle and an awareness for it.

The comical tone of the commercial will brighten up viewers’ days. Snoop Dogg’s children spent their time doing their school and watching his old music videos on their phones – and he approves. It also looks like he takes up a different type of baking that includes gingerbread cookies! His turtle friend reminds us to care for our oceans and the other creatures we live with, further promoting SodaStream instead of plastic bottles. 

What do you think? Did this commercial get you excited for the holidays as well as taking care of the planet? The giant gingerbread house sure had to help!

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