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Sleep-Talker Turns His Midnight Mumbles into Online Gold

“Whoa, bikes!”

"Whoa, bikes!"

Screengrab Credit: Adam Rosenberg

What is the best way to get a person’s innermost thoughts out? Their thought-processes and intricate revelations? Some would say through a truth serum, others by a hypnosis. However, Adam Rosenberg thinks that it’s through sleep-talking, which is why he chose to record his late-night ramblings for an entire year to share with us all on the Internet. Good choice, Adam.

We, the viewer, are taken through an amazing journey of Adam’s mind, which not only reveals his invention of “garbage pants”, but also, where “his farts go”.  Pure class.

The National Sleep Foundation explain that sleep-talking can be explained as a disorder, but is fairly common; it is more likely for children and men to sleep-talk. (Fun fact: sleep-talking has been confirmed by law and modern science to be not part of the conscious or rational mind, which is why evidence taken from someone sleep-talking is inadmissible evidence in a court.)

Thanks to Adam’s good-natured embracing of his hilarious condition, we’re able to have a good old chuckle.

For more about the crazy effects of sleep, check out the weirdest ever purchase made by a guy on sleeping pills

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