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Sacha Baron Cohen Teases New Film Targeting Trump

Quite hilarious.

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What actors, documentary filmmakers, and comedians don’t love to make fun of Trump these days? The US president has become the brunt of so many jokes that it is hard to keep up with them all. Satirical actor Sacha Baron Cohen is no stranger to these antics, and it seems as though Trump may be the next target of the actor’s farce.

Trump and Cohen have not had the smoothest of relationships. In 2003 during one of Cohen’s Ali G shows, Trump simply walked out of an interview. In the 15 years since, the two men are consistently chirping each other.

Even back in 2012 Trump was sending out some harsh tweets. Take a look:

You get the idea. This, of course, isn’t news though. Trump tweets at basically everyone he disagrees with in this manner so his crudity isn’t quite something at which to gawk.

What is cause for interest, however, is Cohen’s newest film project. In the teaser below, it appears that Cohen will be attending “Trump University”. Unclear what this “university” entails just yet, but if Cohen has anything to do with it, it’s sure to be hilarious and farcical.

Of course, this project could just be another typical jab, but the teaser seems almost too well-done to not be real. Fingers crossed this project comes to life and we can all get a taste of what a Trump college would really be like.

Take a look at some of Cohen’s other hooligan moments!

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