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OnlyFans Creator Pays Off Sister’s Student Debt via “Dirty Money”

It’s not everyday your OnlyFans creator brother pays off your student loans.

Credit: @tooturnttoni/Twitter

Some people pay their student debt after a thirty-year marathon, attempting to keep up with astronomical interest rates. And some people pay their student debts when they win the lottery. But it’s certainly not every day that your brother, an OnlyFans creator, drops off a backpack filled with twenty-thousand dollars, is it?

And yet that is exactly what online creator @tooturnttony did for his sister. 


dirty money. @toomuchmariaaa

♬ Night Trouble – Petit Biscuit

The video starts out with @tooturnttony, accompanied by his pet duck in the backseat, explaining that his, “first OnlyFans paycheck came in today, and I’m going to use twenty grand of it to pay off my sister’s student loans. ‘Cause why the f*ck not?”

The clip then cuts to @tooturnttony, a duffel bag of money in hand, kicking down the front door to his parents’ house. His mother screams, “Anthony you’re going to break my f***ing door!”

Continuing in this raucous style, Tony breaks into his sister’s room (shouldering open the door) and launches the duffel bag at his sister, Maria. Loose dollar bills spill out of the bag, and Maria, taken aback, asks what it is.

“That is your student loans,” Tony says, pointing to the duffel bag filled with wads of money. “Paid in full by my p*nis,” he adds.

The scene then cuts to Maria, tearful, embracing her brother. “This is really weird but thank you,” she says, wiping away tears.

Of course, the clip couldn’t end without Tony’s mom also reprimanding his reckless entry into her own home. “God bless you for what you did to your sister,” she screams at him. “But did you ever think you should take that f***ing money and buy your own f***ing house?!”

Naturally, a relaxed, unbothered (we must assume, though we don’t see his face) Tony sits and listens to his mother berate him.

The video stormed through TikTok with over 30 million views as of today. On Twitter, many users took to commenting on the hilarious-yet-heartwarming clip.

“I paid off my brother’s student loans too but you don’t see me being a WH*RE,” famous streamer Hasan Piker quipped on Twitter.

And of course the fun didn’t end there. Even Maria, Tony’s sister, took to TikTok to both say thank you and garner a few laughs.



#stitch with @tooturnttony all jokes aside .. feeling extremely blessed 🥲 thank you big brother❤️ NO MORE STUDENT LOANSSSS

♬ Night Trouble – Petit Biscuit

She cut from Tony’s original video to show herself blotting away her tears…with none other than the hundred-dollar bills that will go toward paying her student loans. 

Why cancel student loans when you could have an OnlyFans creator as a brother?

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