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Monkeys Run Amok In India: Maybe Planet Of The Apes Is Not Such A Far Fetched Idea

Quit monkeying around!

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Whatever part of the world you hail from, the worst aspect of your neighborhood is probably a nosy neighbor, or a dogwalker who always lets their pooch shit on your lawn. 

Citizens of the Western Indian town, Supa Village, would feel quite fortunate if those were the worst things happening around their homes.

Supa village—among other areas near Navsari in Gujarat State—have experienced a rash of monkey attacks.

The footage of these vicious attacks really tell the whole story, however. Watch this video put out by the Daily Mail to get a sense of the absolute terror these poor people are enduring.

Simply click on the Daily Mail hyperlink and watch the madness ensue; but be warned, though, this video is not for the faint of heart.

Imagine one of these hairy, feces throwing freaks running up on you like a miniature mugger. I need a new pair of pants just thinking about it.

Think this was an odd tale, just wait until you see this.

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