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Joe Rogan Interviews “Scientist” Who Worked At Area 51

Is there alien life out there? Rogan tries to suss out the truth from Lazar’s questionable testimony.

Image via Pete Linforth

If the title of this article radiates skepticism, that’s because the whole interview should probably be taken with a pinch of salt. In fact, you might as well dump the whole metaphorical salt shaker on your fries.

On the 21st of June, the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast hosted an interview with guest star Bob Lazar. With 5.7 million subscribers, the PowerfulJRE Youtube channel uploaded a video of the interview to a rave response, racking up 4 million views in the last week alone.

It’s a little long, but you can watch the whole thing here:

The comments on it are mixed, unsurprisingly – we’re talking about alien conspiracy theories, here. Ancient UFOs! Government cover-ups! The sci-fi of the 1950s, brought into 2019! Some commenters, after Lazar’s surprisingly genuine recount of his experience working in Area 51, range from the wholly convinced:

Image via Youtube

Image via Youtube

To the only somewhat convinced:

Image via Youtube

To the people who can’t take the whole thing seriously:

Image via Youtube

Image via Youtube

Bob Lazar’s credibility

However, one thing’s for sure. Bob Lazar is by no means a verifiable source. With a little bit of intense Internet sleuthing (aka the first page of Google), it’s clear that Lazar is a master at ‘faking it till he makes it’.

The man boasts of a master’s degree in both electronic technology from Caltech and Physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). This would be impressive…if what he’s saying is true. Unfortunately, there are no existing records of Lazar ever having attended either university.

Lazar claims that the government erased his records in order to discredit him, which sounds like an excuse I’d give my primary school teacher for not doing my homework.

What little is able to be verified about his personal history is not flattering, to say the least. The man was arrested for abetting and aiding a prostitution ring, of all things!

But hey, there are worse things to believe in. Whether or not we believe aliens are out there, we can all agree that it’d be amazingly cool to see alien life. That’s why NASA is excited to report that they’ve found fart gas on Mars.

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