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Is a Hot Steaming Bath of Cow Dung the Answer to the Raging Pandemic?

So far there have been no leaked rumours of any potential cure for the Covid-19 but a small group of men in India think they might have found the answer.   

Or well, really they say this measure isn’t so much a cure, but their claim is that their idea is a preventative action for the virus. So what have these men been up to? What’s their innovative solution for the pandemic? 

Bathing in cow dung. Yeah, bet that wasn’t your first guess, but it’s true. The men believe that if one bathes in the droppings of a cow this will shield the body from the virus entering. The logic behind the proposition is likely to have to do with the Hindu belief in cows being sacred, holy animals and therefore it could be logical to assume that their faeces have healing properties. Possibly? Anyhow, here’s a lovely video of the men looking very safe and happy in their bath.  

Honestly, I get the feeling that covering your entire body in a bunch of poop would just worsen your future health prospects and allure other diseases. Even if the procedure would prove to prevent the notorious coronavirus surely there would be other sickness or Hygenic complications that would arise from such close contact with an animal’s faeces.  

But hey, who am I to judge, I would probably rather be tested positive for Covid-19 than follow in these Indian men’s footsteps but maybe that’s just me.  

Read on and learn more about the coronavirus with this article. 

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