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Internet Trolls Turn CIA to Capture Shia LaBeouf’s Anti-Trump Flag



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Shia LaBeouf has put in all efforts to rally against Trump, but not nearly as much effort as these internet trolls-turned-CIA level agents to erase LaBeouf’s protests from existence. Using everything from wind patterns to intensity of sunlight to ultra-mega-super advanced trigonometry, these internet trolls have literally captured the flag.

Only three weeks after Shia LaBeouf executed his master plan for protesting Trump by live-streaming a “HE WILL NOT DIVIDE US” flag blowing in the wind 24/7 (for what would have been the next four years), internet trolls (or shall we say masterminds) tracked down his flag’s unknown location. Even Metal Gear Solid‘s Capture the Flag didn’t get this complex.

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Watch how these trolls accurately uncover the secret location of Shia’s waving middle finger to Trump. Hopefully, the CIA recruits these intelligent computer dons. Otherwise, they can rest easy knowing they’ve successfully discovered the undiscoverable.

If you thought that was intense, see how Trump Calls for Snoop Dogg’s Arrest.

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