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Inside One of the Most Expensive Properties in the World Today – and It’s in Bel Air, LA.

Worth $195 million.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

We are talking all things aesthetics, lush, glamour and… numbers! The place where we might find some of that famous 1% of our population. No, seriously, I cannot comprehend how something can be so much more worth than some other ultra-wealthy properties on the market today.

Google Chartwell Estate in Bel Air and you will find it listed as the most expensive house in US last year. Its sweet-enough price of $245 million, however dropped since, and is valued at $195 million today – that makes it still one of the most expensive properties in the world.

It must be the value and the luxuries of this French Chateau-style estate that created so much noise in the media – but it also became an iconic part of Los Angeles real estate market. Even remember Jed Clampett and his family making it their home in Beverly Hillbillies? It appeared in the show, although just the exterior.

The mansion is situated on 10.4 acres in the heart of Los Angeles, which covers perhaps, one of the most incredible views in the region, from downtown LA to the Pacific Coast. Even though it is only half the size of the Spelling Manor which fits in 4.7 acres in turn, the land of the Chartwell house is of exceptional quality. 

Speaking of the property insights – it offers multitude of eye-catching corners and entertainment sections, comprising 11 bedrooms, 18 bathrooms, canyon trails, golf cart paths, gardens, redwood grove, a pool plus the pool house and even some secret tunnels…oh, forgot about the wine! 12,000 bottle wine cellar, to fit just enough…

Have a wonder around for more details from the story by the real estate agent Drew Gitlin:

As you saw above, the building didn’t really loose its original charm, as was originally designed in 1930ies and later extended and reconfigured only from the interior by its new owner.

What would attract you in paying nearly $200 million? I guess the hard work to perfection by the team of architectural experts and designers, who created this 18th-century replica to the highest modern standards to make you feel like you are in a private, peaceful, yet luxuriously exclusive environment with all the relaxing accessories you could possibly wish for.

I am pretty sure you are ready for some extra digging into the dreamlike world of other amazing estates out there – check this one out here ! Not surprisingly, it is also Bel Air ‘heritage’.

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