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House Parties Could Be Banned in LA and the Only Ones Who Can Stop it Are Two Dudes Named Chad And Jt

They’re back in court defending people’s right to party!

Credit: Chad Goes Deep/YouTube

Chad and JT Go To Court may sound like a B-comedy from the early 90’s but, believe it or not, the following pro-house parties clip actually took place recently in the LA court system.

Chad and JT, or “LA’s version of Bill and Ted” as the judge refers to them, are concerned about the state of LA house parties, which, at the moment, are being threatened by a potential ban.

These two dudes have been “super tight bros” since they first met at a party at Benji’s. Since they first chugged that six-pack together they’ve been able to remain tight, despite coming from two totally different worlds: surfing and bodyboarding.

They began this appeal of the house party ban with the most formal of introductions: “Whaddup, council…” Off to a great start, Chad then went on to claim that “raging at house parties is the truest way to party.” If I were to include every quote I like from this video, it would end up being a direct transcript of the entire hearing. So, to sum it up, here are some of the main points. In this touching appeal to the course system they bring up the important issues, like: how house parties can bring chill bros together for a good time, what freedom means, and why house parties are better than clubs, which are “polluted by fedoras and V-necks.”

This is actually their second appearance in front of the LA court system. Don’t worry, there’s a video of their first appearance too:

All kidding aside, their second time in front of the judge shows significant improvement. The reason why they were forced to come back to read their appeal for a second time, is because they weren’t allowed to finish their speech during their first visit. Though coming back didn’t seem to do them a lot of good because every time they show up, the judge cuts them off at the end.

As much as I would love for the story to end there, these two are actually just comedians doing a routine for the funniest audience ever. This is beyond performance art, this is performance art that is literally interfering with the passing of laws. These guys are artists and perhaps also heroes — Godspeed, Chad and JT.

I’m not in favor of the potential house party ban, but if the parties in LA are anything like this party from Maryland, then I can totally see why they’re considering outlawing them.

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