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‘Hero’ Jetboarder Saves A Flipped Catamaran

I suppose not everyone is so bad.

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Obviously we all have a lot of respect for lifeguards, but this brave jetboarder has taken it to the next level. This guy has rightfully been labelled a ‘hero’ having saved all of those on board the unfortunately capsized catamaran.

You would hope that a day at the beach brings fun, sun and a hell of a lot of relaxation. Unfortunately sometimes things become hectic in the most unexpected of places. The people on board this ship seemed to have a streak of bad luck as the catamaran was flipped over, obviously a very scary and potentially dangerous situation for all those on board.


Luckily though, a jet boarder was nearby and came to their immediate rescue. Upon seeing the capsized boat, he came straight over to their aid. He goes behind the boat, grabbing it and using full force to push it forwards (damn, he must work out). He then manages to flip it round the right way in a seemingly effortless manoeuvre. He makes it look SO easy.

Upon witnessing the situation, the jetboarder casually calls: ‘You need help?’ He then proceeds to push the boat upright in a stunt that looks like something out of an action movie. It’s nice to see people helping others in their time of need, makes you think the world isn’t so bad!

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