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Escaped Pig ‘Albert Einswine’ Sends Police On Hour-Long Chase

On December 5th, an escaped pig led the local police department on a 1/4-mile chase that ended in a 30-minute standoff.

Did you know that pigs are the fifth most intelligent animal in the world and that they are smarter than dogs and toddlers? Well, the Deptford Township Police Department found that out on December 5th 2023. 

New Jersey officers were in for a surprise when a 4-year-old pig escaped from a local pig farm and went on the run. The pig did such a good job that the police department dubbed the pig ’Albert Einswine.’

The pig managed to lead the officers on a quarter-mile chase that ended in a 30-minute standoff. We have Detective Sgt. Bob Jones to thank for the hilarious footage of the chase below.

So, what happened?

In the video, you can hear Detective Sgt. Jones trying to build a rapport with Mr. Einswine and de-escalate the situation. He was hoping to talk him into surrendering, saying, “Alright, we’re all friends here.” It seems that Mr. Einswine may have been considering this, but when he caught sight of an incoming officer, inching closer and closer to him with a leash at the ready, he bolted.

With the officer in hot pursuit, unwilling to let the swine escape, the cops at the scene came to the conclusion that backup was needed. Detective Sgt. Jones told WPVI-TV that “He [Mr. Einswine] wasn’t listening. He didn’t listen to our commands at all. Everything we learned in the academy went right out the window.”

Now armed with backup, the officers tried to corner the hog, but he proved to be a sly one, calling their bluff and running straight through them. At that, you could hear Detective Sgt. Jones laughs while offering the cops fighting to apprehend Mr. Einswine his support and encouragement, saying, “You almost got it!”

Eventually, after a grueling 30-minute standoff, the police department reported that  “through the use of de-escalation techniques and the latest technology, officers were finally able to apprehend the suspect.”

Pig on a leash surrounded by officers posing for a selfie
After finally ‘arresting’ the pig, the officers took a selfie to commemorate the moment. Credit: Deptford Township Police Department

The department added that “Mr. Einswine was released on his own recognizance” and was reunited with his owner later that day. They also credited P.O. Joe Gianonne and Sgt. Chris Eavis for making the elusive arrest.

The importance of humor

It seems the police department found the incident as funny as the rest of us, saying, “Sometimes the jokes just write themselves.”

Being able to laugh at themselves and the situation is an important part of why the police department can enjoy the coverage this story is getting. Detective Sgt. Jones told WPVI-TV that “cops chasing a pig is never not funny.” 

He also said pigs are “faster than they look” and that “he got pretty far for what it was.” While Deptford Township is home to a number of pig farms, the department normally doesn’t receive these types of calls. The officers had no idea what they were in for.  

Although Detective Sgt. Jones said that “Once we got a leash on it, he kind of calmed down. The scene became secure.”

New Jersey animals are going hog wild, no bull

It seems a pig isn’t the only animal in New Jersey gunning for an escape. On December 14th, an almost 700-pound bull was sighted running on the train tracks at Newark Penn Station.

It’s unclear how the bull got on the tracks, but he traveled almost two miles and caused 45-minute delays. Thankfully, no one was hurt, and the bull, ‘Ricardo,’ was safely captured and transferred to an animal sanctuary.

All-in-all I think this month New Jersey has taught everyone a lesson: be prepared for anything.

And remember that animals are often smarter than people give them credit for. In Bali, there are monkeys that have learned how to pickpocket people! Do you think the police ever get called in that scenario? Can you imagine Bali police chasing down a monkey running away and laughing with a wallet? Let us know in the comments below because I can.

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Ella Shauman has recently graduated from the University of Michigan with a bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature. She loves to travel, write, and spend time with family and friends.

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